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Impotency is not a major issue. If you are having problems with your erections, just take a viagra tablet and you can visualise the difference it can make. Viagra is an effective impotency drug that can transfer your sexual worries into happiness. One viagra tablet can change everything.

Viagra can give your penis the right erection. Moreover, the erection is known to last for a very long time. Viagra acts on muscles in the penile region. Viagra makes the penis muscles relax.

Once the muscles are relaxed, there is a great flow of blood. When the blood flow increases, the penis gets good erection. Well, as long as there is enough blood flow, the erection will last. Coming in tablet form, Viagra is an oral medicine.

Take viagra at least an hour before engaging in sexual activity. Never take larger doses as it can be risky. Always maintain 24 hours gap between two doses of viagra dosage. Take Viagra only if your doctor has recommended it.

Moreover, your doctor will only prescribe viagra after he has a complete idea about all your present and past health history, including the allergies and also about your medical conditions. The doctor may not prescribe Viagra or he may go for dosage adjustment if you have any of these conditions: blood problems, heart diseases, liver/kidney issues, stomach ulcers, painful or prolonged erections and retinitis pigmentosa. As certain drugs can interact with Viagra, your doctor should have a clear idea about all the medicines, including prescription and non-prescription, which you are taking. The doctors will not advise Viagra if you are using medicines that contain nitrates.

If nitrate filled medicines and Viagra is both taken, it can lead to a rapid fall in your pressure, which can be fatal. Viagra is also said to lead to sudden vision loss. But it has not been proved if this impotency drug is the real cause of the sudden loss. It has been seen that diabetic persons, those having hypertension and those already have certain vision problems have come across such sudden vision problems.

While taking Viagra, you should stop consuming alcohol as it can have adverse impact on your health. Grapefruit and grape juice should also be avoided as it does not go along with Viagra tablet. Viagra tablet should be taken with caution by elderly people. Generally, only half the dose is prescribed for elderly persons.

As all erectile deficiency drugs, Viagra also comes with many allergic reactions and side effects. But the good thing is that these side effects and allergies do not last longer and they are not that severe. Stomach upset, colour vision (temporary), headache and flushing are some of the common side effects that come with viagra. It has also been seen that Viagra can develop a condition in some men where the erection last for very long periods.

This is not healthy as longer erections can only damage the penis. In case you have such a condition, contact the doctor immediately. Physical interaction is the key factor determining the strength of the love bond between the two parterners. If it is down, it means the relation is on the fall.

To help the modern men with such a critically notorious disease, Pfizer pharmaceuticals, as it has always been since 1998, is providing the only blockbuster drug of notable efficacy over ED, erectile dysfunction. Nutritional deficiencies and emotional disturbances have trapped men in the humiliating cage of impotence. Almost every man becomes a victim to its curse sometime in his life. To cure this, Viagra has shown its efficiency in men of almost every age group.

Viagra truly provides an escape to the valley of sexual pleasures to the men living in the dark cave of impotence.

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