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Erectile Dysfunction or more commonly known as ED is the inability to achieve and maintain a proper erection for a period of time. This happens when there is not enough blood in the penis. This sexual health problem affects around 30 million men all around the world. Moreover, most of them choose to keep quiet about it, which only add to the problem. Erectile Dysfunction can be physical or psychological nature. In case of physical in most cases, it is caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, or other blood circulation issues. Smokers also tend to have erectile dysfunction because of tar building up in their blood vessels.

The problem can also be of psychological nature, in case of increased stress of pressure for an extended period of time, depression or other issues. The thing about Viagra is that is helps in both ways. In case of physical issues age can also certainly be a factor, some studies showed that half the men over the age of 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. In other cases it can be caused by almost any condition that, in any way, prevents the proper blood flow. It can, in some cases, even be caused by some medication you may be taking. Medication for high blood pressure or depression is famous for inhibiting proper blood flow to the penis often causing this condition. Most men don’t even realize it.

Let’s be honest most men don’t want to realize it. Most men don’t have the strength to look themselves in the mirror and say “I’ve got an erectile dysfunction”, because they feel it will somehow make them a lesser man. Well this is in no way true, because that would mean that more than half of the men are like that then. There are various degrees of erectile dysfunction, obviously the most obvious one being the full inability to even achieve an erection. But there are many other cases too, for instance some men can achieve erection, but it is not hard enough for penetration, others achieve it but it doesn’t last long or even gain it before sex but it doesn’t last long enough for actual sex. One thing you should remember is that if you think you have any form of erectile dysfunction; do not just accept it as “normal”. It is not something you have to accept and live with it, it’s a disorder like any other and it can successfully be treated, there is no reason why you should give up sex.

So muster up some courage, accept it and talk to your doctor. In most cases, the only way to diagnose an erectile dysfunction is just by talking to your doctor. It is very simple no complicated or expensive test, and no needles. Just sit down with your doctor and talk about it. Many people reported as feeling after talking to their doctor and grasping with what you are dealing. In most cases, people either do not get it seriously enough or get it too seriously.

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