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Possible side effects of Viagra There is a reason why you just can’t go to a pharmacy and get your supply of the blue pills. Viagra was introduced and approved by the FDA in 1998, but not without certain precautions such as labeling it as a prescription medicine. If you think you need the pills, you will have to get a doctor to agree with you and give you the necessary prescription so that you will be able to obtain the drugs. The reason, or reasons, behind such precautionary measures are the possible side effects that the blue pill can cause. The common side effects are facial flushing, chest pain, headaches, upset stomach, dizziness, and nausea. All these effects are perfectly temporary and short-term.

They usually go away on their own after some time. In extreme cases, vision and hearing impairment or total loss of both can also be the result. Although such effects have not been medically proven, more than one occurrence has linked them to intake of the blue pill. Another extreme possibility is long-term damage to the penis, which is very rare, but possible if the pills are taken recklessly and in excess. How to take Viagra properly The drug comes in three different doses. There is a 25 mg pill, a 50 mg, and a 100 mg pill.

The common practice is to use the 50 mg pill, except in mild and extreme cases. If only additional hardness is needed, the 25 mg pill is enough, whereas the 100 mg pill is necessary in case erections are completely impossible. Although several patients who have taken the drug say that the 100 mg pill is the best, don’t go right ahead and take a 100 mg pill unless your doctor tells you that it is safe for you. The 25 mg pill is only usually given to men who are battling liver and kidney diseases. As long as they keep within the 25 mg limit, they are safe even while using the pill. Thanks to Sildenafil, now, almost all men can enjoy lasting satisfaction and a good life and relationship.

There are, however, some men who might be better off with other treatment options because they cannot take the blue pills for one reason or another. Who can and cannot take Viagra Men of all ages are allowed to take the pills as long as they have an erectile dysfunction problem. This problem can silently plague men, and unless you come out with the problem and speak to your doctor about it, getting Viagra can be pretty challenging. Without it, however, the quality of your life can get depleted since sex and intimacy is a special factor that usually impacts relationships a lot. Also, if you are able to achieve erections, but are not satisfied with the hardness, you can also use the V vitamin to help you achieve better and more satisfactory erections. However, some men cannot take the pills for various reasons.

Viagra cannot be taken if you are currently taking nitrate medications or have recently taken them. This combination tends to bring about dangerous effects. The pill, however, is known to be the safest of its kind because it can be safely taken even by men suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and prostate disorders as long as they stay on low dosage. Nonetheless, no matter how healthy you may be, you should keep within the prescribed dosage to ensure your own safety. How to avoid side effects of Viagra Avoiding the side effects of the drug is not impossible, and it’s all up to you. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the drug for a long time and not encounter any dangerous side effects, make sure you take precautions in taking the drug.

Precautionary measures starts in your first appointment with your doctor. Be honest to your doctor about your medical history and condition. The combination of the drug and certain medical conditions can bring unsafe effects as well, so before you ask for a prescription, your doctor has to know your medical background. Also, the best way to stay safe while on the drug is to take only the amount of the pill as instructed by your doctor. Don’t take the pills excessively. If after taking the drug, effects are still not felt, don’t keep on popping the pills in your mouth.

Wait for a while because the drug’s effects take longer to be manifest in some men than in others. If erection still does not occur, talk to your doctor about increasing your dosage. Don’t just increase your dosage on your own.

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